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Trusted By the Best
Let's Play Paper Doll

Let's Play Paper Dolls

Trusted By The Best

Throughout the years, we have licensed and produced beautiful quality paper dolls for many fine companies.

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Printable Paper Dolls

Immerse your child in a world of endless possibilities with our enchanting collection of beautiful Illustrated Paper Doll. Spark their imagination as they explore cherished fairy tales, favorite classics, delightful Kidoodle Kids, whimsical Kidoodle  Kritters, and charming Grandmother's Girls. Our captivating assortment of paper dolls will expand their creativity and transport them to magical realms. These paper dolls will provide hours of imaginative play, from timeless characters found in the classics, to beloved figures from treasured stories. Let your child's imagination soar with our captivating paper dolls, igniting a love for storytelling and creating unforgettable childhood memories.

Illustrated Characters

Why Paper Dolls?


At Let's Play Paper Dolls, our mission is to inspire your child's creativity through our high-quality products. Each package we offer contains a captivating set of dress-up paper dolls designed to stimulate imaginative thinking. With every purchase, you can expect to find an assortment of enchanting characters that will transport your child to magical worlds. Our every package includes the following.

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Illustrated Characters

Discover a world of hand-illustrated magic with our captivating collection of dress-up paper dolls. Each set features enchanting characters drawn from Cherished Fairy Tales, Favorite Classics, Kidoodle Kids, Kidoodle Kritters, and Grandma's Girls. Immerse your child in imaginative play as they bring these meticulously crafted paper dolls to life. With attention to detail and whimsical designs, our dress-up paper dolls will ignite your child's creativity and provide endless fun.


Colorful Fashions

These special sets offer the best of both worlds, featuring colored and black and white fashions. Your child can enjoy dressing up their paper dolls with beautifully vibrant outfits or unleash their artistic flair by coloring their unique designs. With this versatile selection, the possibilities for imaginative play are endless. Ignite your child’s creativity with our enchanting dress-up paper dolls, available in both colored and black and white fashions.


Kidoodle Kritters Your Favorite Outrageous Animals

Experience the wonder of our printable paper dolls collection featuring the delightful Kidoodle Kritters. These beautifully illustrated animals come to life with their big personalities and engage in their favorite activities. Let your child's imagination run wild as they dress these lovable characters in their vibrant and outrageous fashions. Our printable paper dolls will provide endless fun and entertainment as your child explores the whimsical world of Kidoodle Kritters.

Our Dolls
Creative Play

Creative play is the natural way..

With characters drawn from Cherished Fairy Tales and Favorite Classics, these paper dolls offer endless adventures and creative possibilities. From colorful outfits to engaging activities. Here are some advantages of paper doll activities.

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Develop fine motor skills

Engaging in creative activities with paper doll printables fosters focus, concentration, and the development of fine motor skills in children. It empowers them to take pride in their creations and cultivate a sense of self-mastery. By completing projects they are proud of, children can experience a boost in confidence and a sense of accomplishment. The interactive nature of paper doll printables nurtures their creativity and offers an avenue for imaginative expression, while enhancing their cognitive and physical abilities

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Screen free creativity

Engaging in paper doll play provides a valuable respite from technology for your child, enabling them to embrace their creativity and nurture essential skills fully. It offers a unique opportunity for them to develop concentration, focus, and fine motor skills. By immersing themselves in the imaginative world of paper dolls, children can explore their artistic abilities, enhance their ability to concentrate and refine their fine motor control.

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Hands on, interactive play

Engaging in play with our beautifully illustrated paper dolls not only sparks imagination but also enhances brain function and fosters mastery of the creative process. Our paper dolls inspire natural learning and encourage imaginative play through cutting, coloring, and role-playing. By interacting with these delightful characters, children can develop cognitive skills, refine their artistic abilities, and explore the joy of storytelling.


Our Mission

At Let's Play Paper Dolls, we firmly believe that play is the foundation for a child's learning, creativity, problem-solving, and self-expression. Imaginative play is a natural way for children to explore and understand the world around them. By buying paper craft paper dolls, we inspire natural learning and imaginative play through activities like cutting, coloring, and role-playing. Our commitment lies in producing quality products that ignite creative thinking and foster your child's development. Explore and buy our exceptional paper craft paper dolls to nurture your child's growth and exploration through the power of play.

Our Mission
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