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Fairy Tales

Cherished Fairy Tales are the favorite stories of every child. Our fairy tale characters include delightful fashions in color and black and white to be colored. Also a condensed version of the fairy tale and additional story characters.

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Fairy Tales

The Classics

Beautifully illustrated paper dolls and fashions from our favorite classic books for children. Each paper doll download comes with delightful paper doll characters from the story, as well as beautifully colored fashions and black and white fashions to be colored. The short story from the original will assist your child in re-enacting their favorite parts of the classic tale. 

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The Classics

Kidoodles Kritters

Kidoodles Kritters are beautifully illustrated animals with personality. All are engaged in their favorite activities.  Each delightful Kidoodle Kritter download comes with one nine inch, extraordinary, animal paper doll and colorful and outrageous fashions. 

Darla, Kitty and Hippo Kidoodle Kritters
Kidoodle Kritters
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Kidoodles Kids

Kidoodle Kids are delightful, everyday children. Each ten inch paper doll is artistically rendered, with every thought to detail. Their fashions are vividly colored and will print out beautifully.

Kidoodle Kids
Grandma's Girls

Grandma's Girls

Let’s Play Paper Dolls NEW collection features four darling printable paper dolls, with each character participating in her own special activity with Grandmother. Every ten inch, beautifully illustrated paper doll, come with four colorful fashions, and accessories.

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