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 50 Years
of Artistry

Learn more about the artist and our story

In Every Paper Doll


Linda Peck
Creator & Founder

About The Artist

Children and art have always been of primary importance to me.

I am the mother of eight children, the grandmother of thirty five grandchildren and the great grandmother of forty great grandchildren. This certainly doesn’t make me an expert, but it does indicate I might know a little of what children enjoy playing. 


Art was something I always did in my spare time, until my children were older and then I sought out formal studies. Portraits are what interests me most, especially portraits with children as the subject matter.


Eventually I decided to combine the two interests of art and children and created a company featuring children’s paper products, primarily paper dolls. The company was known as Peck Aubry. It featured  beautifully illustrated paper dolls, from favorite fairy tales and children’s classics, whimsical animals and everyday children.

When I create the original paper dolls, they are painted using watercolors. 

Great attention is always paid to authenticity, detail and color. 


I believe that for children, play is not frivolous. Play enhances the brain structure and function. Our paper dolls involve cutting, coloring and the interaction of role playing. All are activities that inspire the imagination. Paper dolls are timeless treasures from that world of make believe.They offer the most quality playtime  spent for the least amount of money.


Our company now known as LET’S PLAY PAPER DOLLS is now pleased to bring you our colorful paper dolls, in an easy printable format, They are reasonably priced and ready to be printed in your own home, or at a printer of your choice. We hope you and all the children near and dear to you will enjoy many hours of creative, imaginative play together


Linda Peck


Our Story

Peck Aubry and Let’s Play Paper Dolls, creators of the finest in paper dolls, have been in the business of creating paper fun for children for the past thirty-seven years. The company began when two artistic mothers, with a total of thirteen children between them, decided to produce delightful, high quality paper dolls to promote creative play.

Great thought went into illustrating and designing Peck Aubry Paper Dolls now know as Let's Play Paper Dolls. Always, the goal was to produce a product that would enhance the creativity of the child and also, bring them hours of imaginative and interactive play.

Throughout the years, our paper dolls have been featured in leading toy stores, gift stores, museum stores, and department stores throughout the world.

Our first customers, who so dearly loved playing for endless hours with our paper dolls, now have children and grandchildren of their own.

Now the time has come to offer our paper dolls to you, as delightful and colorful downloads. Ready to print out at any time, or for any occasion.
Your child will enjoy, cutting, coloring and reenacting their favorite Fairy Tales and Children’s Classic books, with Let's Play Paper Dolls' timeless illustrated friends and fashions.


Our Mission

We at Let’s Play Paper Dolls believe that play is the foundation of learning, creativity, problem solving and self expression. Imaginative play is a more natural way for children to learn about the world.

One of the major concerns of parents is the time their child spends in front of screens. Play enhances the brain structure and function. Our paper dolls involve cutting, coloring, and role playing, all activities that inspire the imagination and brain development.

Creativity encourages focus and concentration and helps to develop fine motor skills. It allows children to feel proud of themselves and gain a sense of mastery after they have created something that they are proud of.

We are committed to creating quality products that will encourage children to use their imaginations, to learn important skills and to inspire creative thinking.

"For children, play is not frivolous."

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Trusted by the best

Throughout the years, we have licensed and produced beautiful quality paper dolls for many fine companies.

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