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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

In today's digital world, children are growing up surrounded by screens

and electronic devices. Their perception of the world is molded by what their

immature minds glean from the time spent in front of these devices. While technology offers some benefits, it is crucial for the parent to strike a balance between screen time and imaginative play.

If you are looking for an activity that promotes hours of creative play, you have come to the right place. We at Let’s Play Paper Dolls have been in the business of creating dress up paper doll fun, for the past thirty seven years. We offer our paper dolls as delightful, printable paper dolls, to be conveniently printed by you on a printer of your choice.

Our goal has always been to produce a beautiful product that will encourage imaginative play through cutting, coloring and role playing and to help the child explore the joy of storytelling.


Paper dolls are timeless treasures from that wonderful world of make believe,

reserved for the young. When you speak to a grown woman about paper dolls, she

will get that nostalgic look in her eyes and say, “Oh, how I loved paper dolls. I used

to play with them for hours.”

Dress up paper dolls come in many different styles and characters. Their colorful fashions range from historic to modern day. Very often the characters represent countries throughout the world. This exposure peaks the child’s curiosity about how and where other people live and how they celebrate their traditions. This provides the child with an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge of other countries and societies, expanding their world in an appropriate way Some paper dolls are whimsical animals and come with an array of fashions. Making it possible for the child to bring these animals to life in their imaginative minds. Some are characters from literature’s favorite fairy tales, classics and nursery rhymes. Each character comes with his or her special costumes that will assist the child in pretending and reenacting the stories in their own imaginative way.


Engaging in play with our beautifully illustrated paper dolls, not only sparks

the imagination, but also enhances brain function and fosters the mastery of the

creative process.

Our paper dolls inspire natural learning and encourage imaginative play through

cutting, coloring, and role-playing. By interacting with these delightful characters,

children can develop cognitive skills, refine their artistic abilities and explore the joy of storytelling.


Engaging in play with our beautifully illustrated, printable paper dolls, gives the child time for hands-on interactive play. Carefully cutting out fashions with scissors, encourages focus and concentration and helps develop fine motor skills and enhances hand eye coordination.

The benefits of teaching a child to use scissors

1. Helps improve focus

2. Requires and improves concentration

3. Requires the use of both left and right hand at the same time, thus improving dexterity

4. Helps with reading readiness


Our paper dolls come with some black and white fashions to be colored. This gives the child the opportunity to use their creativity and select the colors design, and the medium of their choice, whether it be crayons, colored pencils, or markers

Coloring can help your child learn the skill of patience, while at the same time feeling relaxed and comfortable, while creating a piece of art. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment, when they are able to complete their very own creation.

The benefits of children coloring

1. Develops fine motor skills

2. Encourages color recognition

3. Helps with concentration

4. Improves handwriting skills.


Playing with our printable paper dolls can be a social activity, when role playing is

introduced with friends. Role playing gives children an opportunity to use their

vivid imaginations, while reenacting a story or creating a narrative of their own,

Role playing often allows the children to communicate, negotiate and to collaborate.

They learn how to solve imaginary problems and conflicts within the storyline.

It helps to assist them in critical thinking and decision making and to come up with

a creative solution to the make-believe problems they may encounter. It also helps to develop narrative and writing skills.

This is a timeless activity that not only enhances the imagination, but also fosters

creativity and hands on learning.

Interactive role playing and reenacting stories

1. Improves language skills

2. Enhances social skills

3. Stimulates creative thinking

4. Teaches negotiating skills

We must remember that for children, play is not a trivial matter. It helps shape the type of human being they will be, teaching them compassion, cooperation, patience, sharing and gives them a sense of community.. Play enhances the brain structure and function.

Our company known as LET’S PLAY PAPER DOLLS is pleased to bring you our beautifully illustrated paper dolls, in an easy printable format, They are reasonably priced and ready to be printed on your personal, or at a printer of your choice.

Our paper dolls involve cutting, coloring and the interaction of role playing. All are activities that inspire the imagination. Paper dolls are timeless treasures from that world of make believe. They offer the most quality playtime spent for the least amount of money. We hope you and all the children near and dear to you will enjoy many hours of creative, imaginative play together

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